Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Our MadeGood products are suitable for allergy sufferers as they don’t contain nuts or any common allergens. They are also organically certified with nutrients from six different vegetable varieties. Healthy, nutritious and safe. That’s a pretty good combination – and also really tasty!

Own production facilities that are free from peanuts, nuts, soy, sesame, lactose, fish and crustaceans

When we talk about our products being manufactured in-house and free from allergens, this means that our production facilities are completely free from all common allergens. Even ingredients that could somehow be contaminated by these allergens are strictly forbidden in our production facilities. Some manufacturers only use certain machines for allergy-friendly products or use their regular machines after careful cleaning. We don’t take any risks – peanuts, nuts, soy, sesame, lactose, fish and crustaceans are not permitted in our production facilities to avoid any possible contamination. Our employees receive regular training on allergens and our allergy guidelines. We believe that these extra steps are worth it for making sure that you feel safe and at ease when consuming our products.

The vegetables are instantly freeze-dried using a globally unique and safe process. They are then processed into a powdered extract to fully preserve its nutrients. We don't add any artificial vitamins to our products – the nutrients all come from the vegetables themselves. The powder doesn’t have its own taste so you won’t even notice the vegetable powder when consuming our products.

Each MadeGood organic snack contains at least 20% of your minimum daily requirement of vitamin A, B1, B6, C, D and E. These vitamins originate from our vegetable powder produced from spinach, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, turnips and shiitake mushrooms.

If a product is organically certified, this means that it contains ingredients that are free from fertilisers, pesticides and genetically modified crops.

Organic food cultivation methods are based on protecting soil and water and reducing environmental pollution.

The benefits include fewer chemical pollutants entering your body and cultivation methods that are kinder to the environment.

Whole wheat is an example of a whole grain. There are many varieties of whole grains, including oat flakes, that form the main ingredient in our granola snacks.

The definitions for organic and “natural” represent the different quality aspects of the ingredients. “Organic” focuses on how the ingredients are grown whereas “natural” considers how the ingredients are processed.

Organically grown products are produced without the use of fertilisers, pesticides or genetically modified crops. For a product to be considered organic, it must conform to EU eco-regulations. Natural products may not contain additives or preservatives. Other than water, nothing is removed from the ingredients and any further processing must be kept to a minimum. The labelling of natural products is also regulated by the EU. All MadeGood products are both organically certified and made from natural ingredients.

Our MadeGood organic snacks are produced in facilities that do not contain peanuts or walnuts. This means that kids can take our granola bars to school and share them with their friends without worrying about any allergies. Since our snacks are free from all common allergens (lactose, soy, gluten, sesame, fish, crustaceans and egg), almost everyone can enjoy them.

Our boxes are made from recycled cardboard that can also be recycled. Unfortunately, the packaging for our individual bars cannot be recycled as this needs to protect the product and preserve its flavour first and foremost. We are working tirelessly on a solution that meets both of these criteria as reducing our environmental impact is important to us.

MadeGood snacks should taste great – with simple, organic ingredients that contain vegetable nutrients and minimal sugar. We're always look for ways to add protein to our products but haven't yet found a solution that doesn’t negatively impact their flavour and consistency. As soon as we find a tasty solution, we’ll let you know!

Our ingredients come from all over the world. We naturally try to use regional ingredients where we can – our oats are cultivated in the Canadian province, for example. However, since not everything can be grown in close proximity, we look for the best ingredients worldwide. For example, our raisins are grown in Turkey and our vegan chocolate comes from Peru. Where possible, we work with manufacturers directly so that we know exactly where the ingredients are cultivated and can ensure that workers are fairly paid.

MadeGood is produced at our own production facilities in Vaughan, Ontario/Canada.

Yes. Our products are completely dairy-free.

Absolutely not! The chocolate we use is free from all common allergens and is therefore suitable for anyone with a soy, lactose or nut allergy. This is great news as it’s really hard to find tasty chocolate that is free from soy, lactose and nuts.

We only use natural sugars at MadeGood – never refined. The sweet taste of our bars comes from the agave syrup used. 5 grams of sugar per bar is fairly low in comparison to other snacks or refreshment drinks. We add this natural sugar for a great-tasting bar, but we always aim to keep the quantity as low as possible.

Our products should be consumed within 12 months. You'll find the precise use-by date on the packaging.